March 28, 2014
April 16, 2014
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Fife would like to offer some pointers for this all too common problem on the roadways. A flat tire can be caused by a number of things, wear and tear, debris, or simple negligence to name a few. With a can of Fix A Flat and your air pump, you may be able to reflate the tire long enough to get to the nearest tire shop. Most emergency air pumps have caution lights on them which give you extra protection when on the side of the road. If the damage is too great and the tire needs to be replaced, you will need to remove the tire and attach the spare. Where the spare tire is and how it is replaced depends on what type of vehicle you driving. Basically, you will need to jack up the car, making sure the jack makes contact with the frame of the vehicle, remove the nuts on the tire, place the spare tire, tighten the nuts, then lower the tire back to the ground. Your spare should be properly maintained by occasionally checking its pressure, and think about replacing it if you use it for many miles. If you are unable to repair or replace the flat tire, call Fife Towing for speedy roadside assistance.