Commercial Towing

Commercial Towing Services That We Provide:

  • Nationally Certified Towing Operators
  • Small car and truck towing & recovery
  • Shuttle, Bus & RV towing & recovery
  • Semi Truck & Trailer towing & recovery
  • Container Transport
  • Unlocks
  • Jump-starts/Pull-starts
  • Fuel Delivery (All Vehicles)
  • Secure Storage Facility
  • Crane Service
  • Off-Road & Underwater Recovery

Commercial Towing Tacoma

With knowledge and safety, we can make the difference and safe you time and money!

Port of Tacoma Commercial Towing Tacoma

Load Shift & Cargo Reload for the Port of Tacoma

Fife Towing prides itself on being a “we can do that!” company, as it is equipped to take on any commercial towing related issue. Especially considering that Fife Towing is located just 1 block away from the Port of Tacoma, WA, it makes it the best choice to help any commercial truck in need of cargo reload. We cover every portion of the greater metro area. Whether you’re driving a leisure vehicle or a work-related car or truck—we’re there. 

If your cargo is in need to be adjusted so that you can promptly make your delivery, call us know and we can be there almost in seconds!

Contact us now for prompt Commercial Towing service!

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