Automobile Auctions

Legal Notice Publication:

You will find the Legal Notices in the classified section of the Tacoma Weekly OR CLICK HERE FOR OUR AUCTION LIST (.pdf).

An auction IS NOT a guaranteed weekly event. Check online (www.fifetowing.com or www.facebook.com/fifetowing) or in the Tacoma Weekly classifieds (Legal Notice section) for the next announced auction listing.

Public viewing of the vehicles will commence on the day of the auction at 10 AM for the Fife location.

All vehicles purchased are sold on an “as-is basis.” Any vehicle auctioned at our Fife location makes no warranties expressed or implied.

Abandoned Vehicle Auction Rules:

  • Remain in the viewing area of the storage yard.
  • NO WANDERING outside the viewing area to look at other vehicles in the storage yard.
  • Vehicles that are up for auction will have an “X” on their windshield and/or will be in a cordoned-off area.
  • Starting or hot-wiring any vehicle is not allowed in the storage yard.
  • The Abandoned Vehicle Auction will promptly begin at 9 AM (Fife)/2 PM (Federal Way).
  • This auction is cash-only. If you do not have CASH, you may not bid on a vehicle.
  • No personal or business checks will be accepted unless pre-approved by the management.
  • 9.9% sales tax for Pierce County and 10% sales tax for King County, will be added onto the subtotal (final bid) of the vehicle. ATMs are located at nearby businesses for your convenience.
  • The collusion of bids will not be tolerated.
  • Individuals attending auctions must not owe or be in financial debt to Fife Towing, Fife Recovery, or Northwest Towing.

ATTENTION Auction Visitors and Participants:

    • In front of the office or the employee parking area.
    • Inside the fenced auction area.
    • In front of the gated entrance.
  • NO Children under the age of 18 are allowed onto the property. No exceptions.
  • Sign in at the table around back; your bidder number will be the number line upon which you sign in. You will need this number when bidding.
  • Auction Vehicle Sheets can be obtained at the sign-in table or before arriving by printing them online.
  • Arrangements for locksmith services should be made between you and the locksmith.
  • Payment is expected immediately after each vehicle is auctioned, a delay in payment will cause a forfeit of the car to the 2nd highest bidder.
  • You MUST present your driver’s license to the cashier at time of payment. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • You may obtain a “Tow Out” charge at the front desk in the main office.
  • All vehicles must be removed from the storage yard – no later than 5 PM on the same business day, or there will be a $60(plus sales tax) storage charge for each additional day PER VEHICLE.
  • Once a vehicle is purchased, the auction process has been completed. The vehicle must be removed from the storage yard.
  • Only licensed and insured tow trucks will be allowed in the storage yard. Car dollies or car trailers will not be permitted on the premises due to liability concerns.
  • NO MECHANICAL WORK may be done on the auction premises.
  • If you need to perform work on your purchased vehicle, it must be removed from the auction lot.
  • Garbage or other unwanted items from your purchased vehicle must be disposed of at your residence or your nearest disposal facility, dumping of waste or littering on the auction lot will be grounds for removal from future auctions.
  • Do not remove garbage from your purchased vehicle onto the street. Should this happen, a report will be issued to the Fife Police Department. The purchaser’s information will be released, whereas a citation for littering might be applicable and possibly issued to the purchaser.
  • Patrons attending auctions must follow the directions of the auctioneer or employees/management of the facility with regards to safety and conduct while on the auction premise.
  • Fife Towing, Fife Recovery, Northwest Towing reserves the right to refuse admittance to auction patrons based on the opinion of unethical business/personal practices, this may also include undisclosed conflicts with management or auctioneers.

Sorry, but there are NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS or TELEPHONES available at our auctions. You may inquire to the lot attendant as to nearby locations in the immediate area that offer these services.