April 16, 2014
June 3, 2014
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Sometimes the hoses may have a leak instead of the actual radiator itself. If you have a leaky hose, you will only need a sturdy towel for drying and some duct tape. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Turn off your car and let it cool down. Once again, whenever working on a radiator or any connecting parts, it is important to let it cool for safety reasons
  2. Dry off the area around the hole and the hose completely.
  3. Wrap the hose tightly and smoothly with duct tape, being very liberal with the amount of tape extending from the hole.
  4. Finally, refill water and get to a repair shop as soon as possible.

If the issue you are dealing with is a broken thermostat, you probably will not be able to fix this problem roadside unless you happen to have an extra thermostat lying around. However, this does not mean that you are stuck, and you can still drive to a repair shop if you are careful. Let the vehicle cool off, and top it off with water. Drive carefully keeping an eye on the temperature gauge. Once it starts to go over ¾, pull over and repeat the process. If you ever have a major roadside issue, you can always give Fife Towing a call.