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What To Do If You Get Locked Out of Your Car at Night

It’s not fun to get locked out of the car any time of day, but it’s especially anxiety-inducing when it happens at night. Perhaps you were at a movie and only realized your keys were gone once your friends were gone as well. Maybe you walked back to your car after a night at the bar and left your keys locked inside. Whichever the case may be, being locked out of your car at night can overwhelm anyone. While you wait for a tow truck or locksmith, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself calm and safe while waiting. Here’s what to do if you lock yourself out of your car at night:

Get Somewhere Safe

While it’s tempting to panic or worry if you realize you’re locked out of your car at night, you must stay calm. First, evaluate the area where you’re parked. Take note of the lighting, foot traffic, and road traffic in the area. Do you feel exposed? Before you pull out your phone and begin researching local tow companies, make sure you’re aware of your environment. If you don’t feel safe in the area where you’re parked, go somewhere else.

Even if it’s late at night if you’ve just come from a business, try to go back to that business. Most likely, there are still employees closing up shop, and they may allow you to wait with them if you explain the situation. You can also look for a nearby open business such as a gas station or convenience store to remain inside. If you’re in an area where you must wait beside your car because there’s nowhere to go, remember to stay aware of your surroundings to keep yourself safe.

Call Emergency Roadside Services or a 24-Hour Tow Company

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Fife Service & Towing offers emergency roadside assistance in addition to regular tow services. If you’re locked out, give us a call!

Once you’re in a safe place, make sure to call a tow company for assistance. While many people only think of tow trucks when their car is immovable because of an accident or another problem, tow companies like Fife Service & Towing provide roadside assistance for stranded motorists. Do not attempt to break into your vehicle on your own, as you may injure yourself or damage your property in the process. The trained technicians at Fife Service & Towing have the proper experience and tools to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Call a Loved One While You Wait for the Tow Truck

To keep safe while you wait, it’s a good idea to call a loved one to stay on the phone with you. This way, someone knows your whereabouts in case something happens. The best-case scenario would be if someone could come to join you while you wait for the tow truck.

Contact the Police

If you don’t feel safe, and you can’t reach anyone by phone, call the police. Let the dispatcher know your situation, and they’ll be able to provide you with advice. Additionally, they may be able to help you get back into your car or direct you towards a trusted service provider. Even if the police can’t help you with your keys, they should be able to help in some way.

Leave the Car

If none of the above scenarios work out for you, it may be in your best interest to leave the car overnight. If the vehicle is legally parked, you should be safe to leave it overnight without fear of towing or ticketing. Take public transportation, call a friend, or call a taxi. Your safety is much more important than your vehicle when it comes down to it, and you can always deal with the situation in the light of the day.

What to Do After a Vehicle Lockout

Once you’re safely back in your car and have access to your keys, you should take care to avoid the situation again. Lesson learned, right?

1. Get a Spare Key Made

If you don’t already have a spare key to your car, you need to have one made. Many people give their spare keys to a reliable friend or family member, while others keep their spare keys in their wallets or a safe spot at home. Do whatever you feel will work best for you, but make sure you remember where you put that spare key!

2. Always Let Someone Know Your Plans

If you’re worried that you’ll be in the same situation again, make sure always to tell a friend or family member what your plans are for the evening when you go somewhere alone. That way, if you lock yourself out of your car, someone will know to expect you home at a specific time in case your phone dies, and you can’t reach anyone. If they know where you are, you’ll likely receive help much quicker than if they didn’t know where you were parked.

3. Have the Locks Changed

If you lost your keys entirely and cannot find them, it may be a good idea to get your locks changed. While it’s unlikely that someone will find your keys and use them to access your home, it’s better safe than sorry!

How Can Fife Service & Towing Help You?

If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle in the Tacoma metro area, call Fife Service & Towing for prompt, kind service. Fife Service & Towing is a fourth-generation towing company located in Tacoma, Washington. We handle all of our clients as if they were members of our own family, so you’re sure to receive high-quality customer service no matter what you need, whether that’s emergency roadside service or commercial towing services. Call today– we’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.