February 2, 2015
March 23, 2015
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Have you ever been driving with a friend or family member and gotten into an animated discussion or a heated argument? You’re behind the wheel but you spend a lot of time glancing over at the passenger seat to make eye contact as you make your point, and as a result you drive past your exit or have to jam on the brakes because you didn’t notice the car in front of you slow down until it was almost too late. (Good thing you’ve got good brakes).

Some distractions can happen when you’re listening to music or books on tape. If part of your mind is listening to what’s coming out of your radio or CD player, that’s a part that’s not giving full attention to the road.

This may be okay when you’re driving long distances without having to search for exit numbers or take a complicated route through the city, but when you are in the middle of town and having to pay attention to traffic and looking for landmarks or signs if you’re in an unfamiliar area, turn off that radio or CD player until you get where you’re going. Ten minutes of silence in your car may actually be a boon – you’ll be able to hear any squeaking and squealing of brakes or fan belts that you otherwise never would have heard! (And when you hear ‘em, get ‘em fixed!)